Problems With Oracle Error 04098 Should Be Fixed

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    Here are some easy-to-follow methods that can help you solve the Oracle error 04098 problem.

    Oracle Error Tips by Burleson Consulting

    ORA-04098: Catalyst scott.trig1 is invalid and cannot be revalidated

    What is fox for ORA-04098 error?

    Answer: oracleUtilitiesAnd oerr shows this via ORA-04098:

    Reason: AAn attempt was made to run the trigger and it turned out to work.incorrect. Sometimes it means compilation/authorization definitely failedtrigger.

    Action: Parameters are designed to resolve specific typesCompilation/permission error, disable trigger or remove trigger.

    You can also try creating the following error display command to checkError in the trigger itself:

    04098 oracle error

    If this trigger contains a syntax error, you can run itQuery to know the exact reasons why Oracle generated an ORA-04098 error:

    dial *

    Many users find this to be different when using Oracle Human Resources.11.5.9, ORA-04098 starts with Frm-40735.

    Learn how to influence and fix the ORA-04098 error message in Oracle.


    If you encounter an ORA-04098 error, you will see the following error message:

  • ORA-04098: trigger name was invalid, revalidation failed wasted
  • Reason

    Is invalid and failed revalidation?

    line” does not work and the revalidation failed. , disable the trigger or clear it often.

    An attempt was made previously to obtain a customization trigger, but it was found to be defective. It also means that the trigger compilation/authorization failed.


    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3


    You can also try the following command to check if the trigger is caused by errors:

    SHOW ERRORS OF TRIGGER trigger_name;

    Oracle should attempt to recompile invalid objects when referenced. Here, this particular trigger is invalid, and every time you try to insert a row, it tries to recompile the final result and fails, resulting in an ORA-04098 error along the way.

    You can choose 3. from user_errors where type is "TRIGGER" and name = "NEWALERT" to see what errors the trigger encounters and why it doesn’t compile. In this case, it appears that the semicolon at the end of the insert:

    line is missing

    INSERT INTO user(userid, firstname, lastname, password)VALUES ("like", "me", "test", "this trigger")
    CREATING STOP OR REPLACE TRIGGER newAlertAFTER INSERT OR UPDATE IN NOTIFICATIONS  BEGIN        INSERT IN user (user ID, first name, last name, password)        VALUES ("like", "me", "test", "this trigger");  END;/

    If you get a compilation warning when someone does this, you can run show errors in SQL*Plus, and even ask again for Developer, sql or user_errors >.

    How do you disable a trigger in Oracle?


    Of course this assumes that your users are working with tables with those column names, and in addition they are all varchar2… but you probably do with this Triggers really do something more useful.

    How do I fix an invalid trigger in Oracle?

    The simplest is to use DBMS_UTILITY. COMPILER_SCHEMA() .In version 9i, Oracle provided us with the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp software. sql recompiles stuff.With a 10g chance, they added the UTL_RECOMP package, and it does everything the canceled ballot does.

    I got a “ora-04098: normally invalid, revalidation failed” trigger error in Oracle internal database.

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  • ORA-04098: trigger "string.string" is safe and invalid revalidation failedCause: Trigger tried to pick up to run and failed. alsothis means that compilation/authorization of the trigger failed.Action: Options to overcome compilation/authorization errors, disable activation,or release the trigger.

    Trigger ‘string.string’ Is Indeed Invalid, Revalidation Failed

    How to fix ORA 04098?

    Option 1: Fix compilation/permission errors.Option 2: Disable the trigger.Option number 3. Release the trigger. Mark. In general, you can try running the following command to check for errors in the output: SHOW ERRORS TRIGGER trigger_name; Replace trigger_name with the name of your custom trigger.

    These ORA-04098 errors are related to a trigger that was trying to get used and was invalid.

    This also means that the build/authorization failed. Options to fix all of our compilation/authorization errors.

    To fix this error, disable or release the trigger.

    There are two alternatives to fix other recompile/authorization errors instead of fixing one problem

    The following options are one-time options, they may solve the problem, and do not need to be tried during the sequence.

    1) Check the syntax of some triggers. Make sure the (;) is required and all quotes and square brackets match.

    2) If the syntax is definitely correct, make sure the required table is given legal rights.

     select From dba_sys_privs where recipient = 'username';
    WWWWWWDefine from *user_sys_privs;
     Choose from 1 . dba_tab_privs where recipient = 'username' and also table_name = 'table name';
     Choose from 4. user_tab_privs where table_name = 'tablename';
     Override compilation trigger ;
     Show drag triggers ;

    If the trigger or Else table is owned by another customer, or creates a prompt in another user’s schema, no errors will be displayed when the reversal is displayed.

     Buy * from DBA_ERRORS where owner is "trigger owner";

    04098 oracle error

     Use trigger_name, status dba_triggers where owner is "owner name" and trigger_name implies "trigger name";
     select trigger_name, status off users_triggers, where trigger_name = Name':

    Your trigger can run the SHOW ERRORS command if you need to see errors.

    SHOW trigger name TRIGGER ERRORS;

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