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    You should check out these fix ideas when you get the descargar Antivirus Avg Version Free error code.

    If the fridge-freezer isn’t cooling despite being exposed to sunlight, here’s what you should do.

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    Why isn’t the refrigerator cooling safely? Sometimes the problem may be that the socket is not connected to the socket; or foodstuffs that block the airflow from the packages.

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • If that’s not the problem; in soit could be one of the audience parts.

    Compressor, condenser, damper coils, evaporator coils, condenser or usually thermostat

    Understanding Cooling Technology

    The compressor compresses each refrigerant gas. He rises makes the temperature. The steam is directed by a coil to a suitable condenser.

    Gas Hot in the condenser coil cools and becomes cold.

    Refrigerant absorbs heat, even if it circulates internally through the evaporator rings.Refrigerant

    this is converted to and the vapor is returned to the compressor.

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    This is a great simplified version of how your Stories refrigerator works. This is called the steam pressure cycle. Now we can solve your problems.

    The refrigerator does not cool even though the light is on

    The lamp must be connected to the first shutdown circuit. If it works, the refrigerator can be supplied with electricity. The problem may still be one in the areas listed below.

    What to do if the freezer is cooling, but the refrigerator is cooling

    This means that the refrigeration is OK, but cold air cannot enter the freezer due to ice blockage.

    First remove the back panel from the freezer to check the heating continuity and temperature.

    No refrigerator and freezer

    If the two main freezers and the refrigerator are cooling, the problem could be in almost any part. Let’s see where the parts are and how to solve them presents problems


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    The converter is a pump and a motor. This is the part that helps make the noise you hear behind that particular fridge. East

    It’s getting cold here. The compressor looks like an oriental device and is located below the cooler.

    If you hear standard compressor clicks, it is likely that the start relay is not working properly andcannot start the air compressor. Maybe

    ¿Cómo puedo descargar el antivirus AVG gratis?

    On an Android device, this bot can only be found on the AVG AntiVirus Google product page in the Play Store. Toque Para install download and install the application.After the installation is complete, launch AVG AntiVirus.Your

    Overload is possible due to the aging of the compressor, which requires more current to start. This can also be due to an increase and decrease in the supply voltage. It’s easy to solve.

    This is a small white or black switch-like device located throughout the system’s wiring. It is usually located on the bottom side.

    It can be bought and replaced almost immediately. You need to help bring the system offline and give it time to slow down again.

    Condenser windings

    The condenser was a heat exchanger that extracts heat from the passenger compartment and cools the refrigerator new.

    It stealthily extracts energy from the refrigerant and cools it directly. It’s in the middle, above the compressor.

    Refrigerant circulates through the condenser coils during heat exchange. Any leaks in the coil will affect the cooling system.

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    Condensation The coil will be repaired. Considering that the refrigerant is irretrievably lost, it is necessary to replace the entire refrigerant. A low refrigerant level can have a negative effect on the entire refrigeration installation.

    Over time, dirt and dust accumulate on the coils. They interfere with the transfer heat function and thus cool the refrigerator.

    The condenser should be cleaned regularly: it is recommended to wipe it once a day. This is also preventive maintenance.

    The fan next to the outdoor unit is similar to the condenser fans. This helps in the work of dissipating heat and keeping the air moving. When it stops, the fridge becomes a problem if it doesn’t stop cooling.

    Check for wiring problems from another engine. You will find it to take and action. Parts that can be replaced. Specifications are attached to this device.

    Air damper

    Air damper is a device that, according to experts, determines the degree of coldness of the air between the freezerrim and the bottom of the refrigerator. antenna

    The damper is encased in a fully sealed plastic housing to prevent cold air flow. You can usually find it on the panel above.

    descargar antivirus avg version gratuita

    Damage Hull damage results in loss of atmospheric cooling. Even the smallest leak can cause refrigerator and refrigerator problems without causing cooling problems.Fix

    solution: air leak, if possible. Change or register.

    Low temperature thermostat

    It can be a thermostat, which is a new device that regulates the temperature in the refrigerator. It’s like the brain telling the refrigerator what to do. It is next to which knob you use to adjust the temperature.can

    You can set almost any low temperature, but the temperature will not match your settings.

    Open the device in the refrigerator and pull out the thermostat. Remove all our cables, clean them, put back and the app. If it doesn’t work, users should change it. You can’tRepair thermostat.


    The fact that the refrigerator does not cool is undoubtedly always a big problem, sometimes it can be fixed. If it’s safe, call yourself a pro.

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