Fridge Freezer Solution Stopped Working, Light Stays On

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    Sometimes your system may display a message stating that the fridge Freezer light has stopped turning on. There can be many reasons for this problem. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source and let it thaw for at least 24-48 hours. When all ice cream close thaw, refrigerator. If it works again, it could be due to a faulty defrost timer or a bad thermostat.

    Is yours

    Why has my fridge freezer suddenly stopped working?

    Causes: If your refrigerator is freezing, it is not likely that the condenser coils are dirty, which somehow reduces the overall cooling capacity of the freezer. Fan motor evaporatori don’t work properly because it is responsible for the air in the freezer. more common, this problem should be solved immediately. It’s decided.

    If the refrigerator is cooling, not likely, the lights are on, which should probably be done.

    Is my fridge broken or just the light?

    Usually check for a water or ice cube dispenser if the entire refrigerator is equipped with one. Open all the doors and look for the light in the house, listen for the sound of the fan running. Adjust the thermostat in the room, perhaps when there is electricity but the wine cellar is not cold enough.

    Why isn’t a particular refrigerator cooling? malfunction can sometimes be as simple as advancing an outlet or; food boxes that block air circulation.Nothing

    if the problem affects us all; usually it can be one of the following parts.

    These parts make your refrigerator work: compressor coils, condenser coils, evaporator coils, refrigerant air damper or thermostat

    Understanding Refrigeration Technology tions

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  • The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant. This causes a rise in temperature and vapors are directed to the condenser support coil.

    The hot CO2 gas in the condenser coil is cooled and liquefied.

    The refrigerant absorbs my heat inside by circulating through a special evaporator. Refrigerant kits

    Compressor for lifting and returning steam to the main one.

    This is a simplified version of the operating instructions for your refrigerator. Is the compression cycle finished? steam Now we can troubleshoot. refrigerator

    It does not cool in any way, the light, although it will probably burn

    La is connected to subcircuit 1. This means that any powered refrigerator is energized. In fact, the problem may lie in one of the parts listed below. East,

    what to do if the freezer is cooling, but the refrigerator is not cooling

    So refrigeration is fine, it’s cold when a air can’t get into the fridge because of the ice plug.

    First, remove the back wall from the freezer to check the power on and heatingTel.

    The fridge and freezer barely cool him down

    If the freezer and refrigerator often don’t cool, the problem may be a little bigger in one of the rooms. Let’s see where the parts were found and how we can fix the problems


    A compressor is a pump as well as an engine. This is the part that makes you understandable noise behind the refrigerator.

    It usually gets cold here. The compressor looks like a tank and is located below the refrigerator.You

    If you hear an intermittent click from all sides of the compressor, the start relay has probably failed and is trying to start the compressor, but without success.

    Why is my fridge not cooling but the light is on?

    The lights in your family are on, you can also hear the fan in the fridge, but the air is definitely not cold. If your refrigerator has working lights, the refrigerator’s internal fan (or blower) is still running, and the air is almost certainly at room temperature, the compressor start relay may be the cause.

    Maybe this is due to an overload, or it’s just that the old air compressor needs more power to start. It may also be due to new supply voltage fluctuations. Is thisnot a big problem?

    This is any small black and white locator or similar switch that is found in the wiring of a computer. Most often, it is located at the bottom.

    It can always be easily bought and replaced. You need to make sure the system is unplugged at all times so you have time to slow down.

    Condenser windings

    The picture-in-picture condenser can be a heat exchanger De that extracts heat from the refrigerator and cools it inside.hidden

    It extracts the most important heat from refrigerant or cools it. It is in the middle, the compressor is higher.

    The refrigerant is moved by the movements of the condenser coils. Any leaks in the nailers can affect the cooling system.

    The capacitor windings can be repaired. When you see a loss of refrigerant, the collection refrigerant needs to be replaced too much, too little refrigerant damages the entire calming unit.

    With the skilland layers and mud dust are deposited on the loops. This layer disrupts the heat transfer function and is therefore associated with cooling the refrigerator condenser

    fridge freezer stopped working light comes on

    Doo should be cleaned regularly, at least once a year, and this has proven successful. See also This is the care of the protector.

    The fan attached to the garden unit is a condenser fan. It improves heat dissipation and maintains airflow in the refrigerator. it When it stops, the cooling of the non-refrigerator becomes a new problem.

    Check if the problem is in the wiring inside or in the motor itself. there Find a house and replace it. Box parts have been replaced. The above methods are supplied with the device.

    Air damper

    Air damper is exactly the device that determines how much air leaving the freezer enters the bottom of the refrigerator.

    The air damper is sealed in a plastic case to prevent leakage with cold air. Most often found in the most important panel.Damage

    When the refrigerator compressor does not run but the light is on check for *?

    If the public knows the refrigerator needs power because the interior lights are on but the compressor is not working, possible causes include a control box problem, a wiring problem, or a faulty compressor. A problem with the air compressor start relay also prevents the compressor from starting.

    In one In some cases, air loss occurs. Even a minor leak can cause problems in both the wine fridge and freezer, but doesn’t inspire confidence.

    Solution: Fix air leaks if possible. Change or register.

    Low temperature thermostat

    fridge freezer stopped working light comes on

    Thermostat that determines the temperature of the wine cellar inside. like how the brain tells this particular refrigerator what to do. It is located behind the handle, with which you practice setting the temperature.

    You may want to set a lower temperature, but the specific internal temperature does not match your setting.

    Open the inside of the refrigerator and remove the thermostat. Remove the cables, clean them and put them back in place. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to replace them. Failed to repair the thermostat.


    A refrigerator that no longer cools is always a serious problem. Sometimes this can be resolved. if not, you will call a professional.

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